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Standing Seam Ventsaver Installed With the Optional P383 Ventsaver
Standing Seam Ventsaver Installed With the Optional P383 Ventsaver

12"- 24" Standing Seam Ventsaver Kit

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Standing Seam Ventsaver Kit for Panels Wider Than 16"
Part Number: SSVS12-24

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Model 12-24 Standing Seam VentSaver Kit is an add-on product that allows the optional Ventsaver FB-151Ventsaver P-383 or the Ventsaver HD to be installed on panels from 17 to 24 inches, without penetration. This kit is designed for panels that are wider than 16 inches and up to 24 inches, between the standing seams. If your panel measures 16 inches or less between seams, please consider using our Model 12-16 kit. The wider 12-24 kit will work with narrower panels but there will be considerably more overhang. Before installing this kit, please read the Installation Instructions and be sure to check the Panel Matrix to confirm that the RCT clamps provided in this kit are compatible with the type of seams on your metal roof system. 

This kit includes: 

(1) ¼" Adjustable Aluminum Plate – 12" Long X 27" wide

(1) 1/8" aluminum Ice Ramp w/ edging strip

(4) RCT universal fit standing seam clamps

(12) Tek screws – ¼" x 1" 3/8" hex head

(12) Set screws for the clamps – 3/16" hex/allen drive

(4) 9/16" hex RCT top bolts with stainless washers

(1) 3/16" hex bit for set screw tightening

* This kit does not include the an actual VentSaver product, it only includes the add-on components to enable the VentSaver to be mounted on a standing seam roof without screw penetrations. The ice ramp will need to be notched out around the Angle Base Bracket when using the VentSaver HD model with the wing kit. 

SSVentSaver Installation Instructions

SSVentSaver Cut Sheet

SSVentSaver Specification Sheet


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