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Aluminum SnoCleat PBR

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The SnoCleat PBR is a screw-down pad style snow guard for 9 inch R-Panel and PBR-Panels for metal roofs.
Part Number: snocleat-PBR

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The SnoCleat PBR is an extruded aluminum screw-down pad style snow guard specially designed for mechanically fastened R-Panel and PBR-Panel metal roofs. The 6 holes are pre-drilled so the guard can be easily screwed down through the roof sheet into a purlin. This device is mounted utilizing a minimum of three #14 roofing screws with neoprene washers. Additional fasteners may be used in the remaining holes if extra holding strength is desired. A foam gasket is supplied for installation between the guard and the panel, eliminating the need for glue or liquid sealant. The SnoCleat PBR features a large 4-Inch-wide face specifically designed to accept an optional 4-inch-wide by 2-inch-tall color strip to match your roof. The face of the guard is fastened to the base with 2 tek-screws.

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This product has a unique slotted face that can accept a user supplied 2 inch piece of the metal roof panel or it can be powder coated for an upcharge.  For powder coating price and availability please call 800-766-5291.

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