How Many Snow Guards Does My Roof Metal Roof Need?

Snow guards are essential components for protecting roofs and preventing snow-related hazards such as avalanches, ice dams, and gutter damage. Properly determining the quantity of snow guards is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of a building and ensuring the safety of its occupants. One of the most crucial parts of a snow retention system is making sure it is properly engineered. Lucky for you, Metal Roof Snow Guards has revolutionized their Snow Guard Calculator to make the process as seamless as ever for businesses and homeowners! Additionally, there is a snow guard spacing page on the web site that can be used as a quick reference without using the calculator.

What Will I Need To Complete The Snow Retention Layout?

Before beginning, we will need to collect some information regarding the building you are trying to protect.

  • Determine the panel profile that best matches the project roof (R Panel, U Panel, or Standing Seam)

  • Measure the "on center" valley width of the major ribs

  • Select from available methods of attachment, depending on the selected panel profile.

  • This step includes calculating the pitch (angle) of the roof and establishing the roof shape (triangular or rectangular)

  • Measure the roof's run (panel length); this is the length of one panel from the bottom edge to the top edge where it meets the ridge.

  • Measure the roof's (Eave Length) This is the horizontal distance along the edge of the roof where the gutters will be installed. Use a tape measure to determine the length from one end to the other.

  • Find your rooftop snow load. Roof snow load can be determined from building codes or from a qualified professional.

(See chart below.)

Spaacing Tool Layout Requirements

Questions about any of the above information? Please give us a call. 1-800-766-5291

*The maximum recommended ground snow load for pad-style snow guards is 45 PSF. If your ground snow load is higher, please submit a Custom Quote Request and we will be happy to find the best solution for your project.

Remember to always use a sturdy ladder and take safety precautions when measuring a roof. If you are not comfortable working at heights or with the complexity of the task, consider hiring a professional to perform the measurements and installation.


Which Snow Guard Style Do I Choose?

After all of the above information is entered into the calculator, the available guards for your specific roof specifications will be available to choose from. The following are just a few of the options you will have:.

  • Snoblox Deuce (Mechanically fastened or adhesive-mounted)

Our most popular product is the SnoBlox Deuce because of its universal fit and simplicity of installation. This unique solution to the issue of snow and ice sliding on metal roofing has withstood the test of time while maintaining its affordable price. With its 1.5" wide waffled tapered back and low profile 2.5" high face positioned in front of the screw holes. Snow and ice are held in place by the forward, flat face without compromising the structural integrity of your roof. Compared to smooth bottom guards of the same size, the waffle base offers approximately three times the strength. The SnoBlox Deuce can support 3456 pounds when fastened with #14 screws and 1379 pounds when fastened with SB-190 adhesive, according to expert third-party Intertek/ATI tests.

  • ICEJAX ll (Mechanically fastened or adhesive-mounted)

The distinctive interchangeable sides of this patented design are still present and can be applied adhesively or mechanically. When using a 12" R-Panel, place the flat side down on at least 5" of flat surface, or just turn the unit over to straddle a small minor rib on a 12" R-Panel (not advised for 9" R-Panels). Starter points are provided on both sides for mechanical fastening with self-drilling screws. Based on expert ATI testing, the Icejax II supported a phenomenal 6388 pounds when screwed in and a remarkable 1561 pounds when mounted with adhesive utilizing the Surebond SB-190. All experiments replicated actual snow-loading circumstances that were applied to the guard's face.

  • Snowbreaker (Mechanically fastened, adhesive-mounted, or 3m Peel and Stick Tape)

The SnowBreakers are the most versatile guards we have. The Snowbreaker has three Installation methods: you can simply screw the SnowBreaker down into a purlin or structural support below, install the SnowBreaker with the SB-190 adhesive, or use the 3M tape option This option will need to have a bead of SB-190 applied around the edge for added security. (We provide a complimentary tube of SB-190 for each 50 SnowBreaker 3M guards.) SnowBreakers are snow splitters for metal roofs. However, they can be installed in reverse, with the pointed side facing downward, using screws or SB-190 adhesive. In this configuration, the device functions as a snow retention system, catching and retaining snow and ice on the roof. Due to the tape's weak holding power, this cannot be accomplished via the tape-on approach.

  • SNOJAX l (Mechanically Fastened only)

The first item in our range of snow guards, the SnoJax I, was created in 1976 and is the original polycarbonate snow guard. The design of this well-known snow guard hasn't changed since it was initially developed. This product is made specifically for screwing down and has a number of drainage holes that let melting snow flow through them quickly, accelerating the process of melting snow. Please note that placement only in isolated areas such as chimneys, doorways, vents, and partial roof sections is not recommended. Because of the unique rib-straddling design, they fit most brands of the traditional 9" or 12" R-Panels. The distinctive eight holes in the face plate provide exceptional water drainage.

Quote Complete!

After choosing which guard you would like to proceed with, it is as simple as placing your order for the correct quantity on our website! Using a snow guard calculator takes the guesswork out of determining the optimal placement and quantity of snow guards for your roof. By inputting accurate information and carefully reviewing the recommendations, you can effectively protect your roof from snow-related hazards and ensure the safety of your property and its occupants. Take advantage of our snow guard calculator tool to streamline the process and achieve peace of mind knowing your roof is properly equipped to handle winter weather conditions.