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RidgePro Top Side
RidgePro Top Side

RidgePro Anchor Solution

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First-Man-Up Last-Man-Down Anchor Solution
Part Number: RDGPRO

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The RidgePro is a product that helps a worker safely transition onto and off of ladders and is ideal for roof pitches that range from 6/12 to 12/12. It is the ultimate first man up™, last man down solution for any roofing project.  Creating a safe-at-height work environment is mandatory for all employees and this product should be included in every safety plan.  It provides fast access to the peak of the roof and is versatile across many professional roofing applications.  This essential tool is great for the Homeowner or General Contractor that installs snow guards.  There are many other industries such as Solar Installers, Insurance Adjusters, Chimney Sweeps, Gutter Cleaners, Telecom Providers, Disaster Restoration and even Rescue Professionals that rely on this great product!  It can be used for a 15-minute inspection period without permanent attachment, but it also has anchor capabilities for extended time roof access requirements. Does not include pole unless the RidgePro Plus option is selected. The recommended pole is the Sherlock RO57 fiberglass telescoping pole that extends from 8 feet to 16 feet. This pole is available through our web site or most major paint supply and box stores. If purchasing the pole elsewhere, simply remove the screw or rivet from the threaded end piece. If the pole is ordered as an option from us, the threaded connector is not included and will already be removed to work with the RidgePro out of the box. 

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