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IceStoppers Sizes
IceStoppers Sizes

SnoBar ColorBar IceStoppers

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$3.75 Each
SnoBar ColorBar IceStoppers Prevent Snow From Sliding Under The Bar
Part Number: SBCBIceStop

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IceStoppers are an add-on product for the popular SnoBar and ColorBar metal roof snow rail retention systems. They have a 90-degree foot on the bottom that keeps the them from bending under the bar. The two self-drilling tek screws (not included) mechanically mount the IceStopper to the bar which keeps it from flipping up over the bar like other systems. It is important to use IceStoppers, especially over pedestrian walkways and parking areas, where it is imperative to keep snow and ice from coming off of the roof. This product will not prevent icicles from forming on the eave edge of your roof. We would recommend a heat tape system for dealing with that situation, if necessary.

On standing seam panels that are 12” to 16” wide, one IceStopper is recommended. On 18” to 24” panels we recommend two IceStoppers equally spaced apart in the panel flat. These can be used on wider panels such as the 36” and 42” insulated panels. The wider panels require at least 3 IceStoppers equally spaced across the valley. To pick the size that is right for your roof, measure from the panel flat to the top of the bar. Order the IceStopper size that is closest to this measurement. It is common for the IceStopper to sometimes protrude above the bar slightly, this is more noticeable when oil canning in the panel is present but will not negatively impact the performance of the IceStopper. When installing, a small 1/8” gap may be left between the foot of the IceStopper and the panel. A larger gap is not recommended. 

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