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Snow Guard Adhesive
Snow Guard Adhesive

Snow Guard Glue

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Snow Guard Adhesive
Part Number: SureBond SB-190
Availability: 2143

Product Description:
Official Adhesive of MetalRoofSnowGuards.com. Requires 28 days or (672 Hours) at 50 Degrees (F) or above to achieve full cure. Temperatures below 40 Degrees (F) will delay cure time, until temperatures reach 50 Degrees (F) or above to completely cure.  Tensile Strength: 2000 PSI.

Additional Information:
Requires 28 days or (672 Hours) at 50 Degrees (F) or above to achieve a full cure. Available in clear. Not recommended as a sealant for use with mechanically fastened snow guards. Minimum order is 6 when purchased without snow guards. No minimum when purchased with snow guards.

Cold Weather Considerations:

When used with the SnoBlox, SnoJax II & IceJax, the SureBond Everseal SB-190 requires at least 672 hours (28 days) of cure time with temperatures of 50° Fahrenheit or above to adequately cure prior to being subject to a snow load. The curing process does not have to take place all at one time however it is essential that a cumulative total of at least 672 hours of 50° F. is attained. The adhesive is not ruined in cold weather, instead it enters a dormant stage until temperatures rise above 50° F. In many instances the delay caused by cold weather can actually double or triple the 28 day curing period. On a positive note, we have found that well over 50% of the strength of the bond is achieved within the first 10 days, so if you are anticipating decent weeks of good weather before the snow starts to fly, cold installation may be successful. If however, you do not have the adequate cure time and the guards release, they can always re-attach them back to the same spots on the roof in the spring. (NOT FOR COPPER ROOFS) This Product is in Stock

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