The Truth About Test Results

Our tests are performed by an independent testing lab.

Professional Testing: At we take pride in our product test results. Each model has been tested by Architectural Testing, Inc., which has now merged with Intertek, the most respected name in building envelope testing. Our conclusive test results speak for themselves and are the most reputable in the industry. Before considering any other brand of plastic snow guard, ask to see the 3rd party professional test results! "At IceBlox, Inc. we have applied over 40 years of snow retention experience to developing quality snow-guards that have passed the test of time. Part of the reason our snow guards are so dependable is because they are designed to work and last a lifetime. We will continue to innovate and test all new products to be certain they retain the same quality as our Snojax, SnoBlox and Icejax products." -Brion McMullen

See the actual ATI test results.

Snow Guard Model Adhesive
SnoBlox Ace 1449 Lbs. 4849 Lbs.
SnoBlox Deuce 1379 Lbs 3456 Lbs.
SnoJax I N/A 1800 Lbs.
SnoJax II 700 Lbs. 3750 Lbs.
IceJax I 500 Lbs. 4200 Lbs.
IceJax II 1561 Lbs. 6388 Lbs.
Standard SnowCatcher N/A 3923 Lbs.
Fleur De Lis SnowCatcher N/A 4128 Lbs.
Mustang SnowCatcher N/A 4149 Lbs.
Maple Leaf SnowCatcher N/A 4366 Lbs.
Sun Burst SnowCatcher N/A 3945 Lbs.
Testing Apparatus Machine

Snow Guard Testing

The tests performed on each model of snow guard simulate actual and realistic snow loads and weight conditions. We tested each guard by applying pressure via the steel rod, simulating weight, while measuring the force of the load against its face. Our tests simulate actual snow load shear conditions, unlike other competitors snow guard testing that pulls upward on the face of the guard, a force that is never found on a snowy, icy roof. We also found it necessary to only perform static laboratory testing since our 28 year unbeaten track record with the SB-190 clearly speaks for itself!

Testing Snow Stops

The test presses on the face of the guard where the snow load is greatest, simulating real snow load conditions. Please note that all our guards have a forward-mounted flat face designed to form a strong holding field across the entire roof to retain the snow & ice until it can safely melt away.

Testing Snow Guard Attachment Methods

We tested both methods of attachment, adhesive mount with SureBond SB-190 and a mechanical mount with # 14 SS screws & silicone. We have also tested additional alternative tapes, adhesives, and sealants but have not been pleased with the results or longevity of any other variety of snow guard adhesion. The SureBond SB-190 repeatedly provided optimal holding power and has been time proven since we first pioneered its use for our polycarbonate Snojax II snow guards in 1985.

Impressive Snow Guard Test

We were impressed to find that when we were done testing, each guard was still intact, and the release was directly attributed to screw failure or release of the mounting method, not because of a structural failure by the guard. This image was taken after this guard had just held 6388 lbs. Notice how its only disfigurement is where the screws broke and dug into the guard.