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C-Kit Components
C-Kit Components

VentSaver C- Kit Extension

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Vent Pipe & Chimney Protector
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Product Description:

The VentSaver HD “C” kit is designed for areas that receive high amounts of snow.  The C-Kit compliments the VentSaver HD (Not Included) by providing additional height for taller chimneys, vent pipes and mast applications. It is manufactured using powder-coated aluminum, stainless-steel aircraft cable, stainless steel nuts, bolts and heavy duty 1 1/2" lag screws. The VentSaver HD installed with the C-Kit provides a massive 23" - 25" standing profile.

Standing Seam Roofs:

The VentSaver C-Kit can be used with the VentSaver HD when installed with the wing kit on top of the 17-24 Standing Seam VentSaver Plate Kit 

Additional Information:

The VentSaver C-Kit is designed to be used only with the VentSaver HD that is installed with a wing kit. It fits vents, chimneys or stack pipes that measure 1" - 14" across with the included 45" long stainless-steel cable. The combined standing profile is approximately 23" - 25". Installation of the VentSaver HD wing kit is required when using the C-Kit. The C-Kit vertical fin can only be mounted to an existing VentSaver HD. Do not use the C-Kit on other VentSaver Models as the wing kit is structural component required to stabilize the chimney.

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