Are snow guards needed on a metal roof?

How about a mass of snow and ice that avalanches off the roof and takes the whole gutter system with it? Snow guards are a critical element in protecting gutters from damage, especially when a commercial building or home has a glossy-coated metal or slate roof. And to those who believe the guards are only for northern climates, you might be surprised to know we have sold snow guards in every state, including Hawaii! Take a place like the Florida panhandle; all it takes is just one snow to ruin your whole investment in a gutter system. Sometimes it's the southern states that can have real problems. They don't anticipate snow, so they install gutters that aren't as strong.

Should snow guards be used if gutters are installed?

Gutter Danmage From Sliding Snow and Ice

Gutter protection is the number one reason snow guards are used.

Sometimes gutter installers may lack awareness about snow guards, even though the number one reason for using snow retention is to protect the gutters from being ripped off the roof. Gutter installers have an obligation to tell their customers about how to protect gutter systems from catastrophe at the time of installation. Homeowners have become increasingly aware of snow guards because of this problem. Architects and engineers usually know the importance of specifying snow brackets when designing a project. Home builders and their roofing contractors are usually aware of the problem and will recommend snow stops to their customers when installing any type of metal roof.

Why didn’t the gutter company suggest snow guards for my roof?

Perhaps the reason for gutter companies' lack of awareness is that snow guards are mounted on the roof surface, so installers may regard the product as outside their territory of expertise. Others may believe it is more profitable to move on and install another gutter system at another home rather than spend the time to put snow guards on a roof. The simple fact is the gutter company can make good money installing snow guards. We can offer a wholesale price for a contractor purchasing 100 pieces at a time, which is basically one house. The installation is easy. You just have to be comfortable walking on the roof. For gutter installers interested in adding snow guards to their product offerings, the first step is to understand how they work and how to choose among the many types of snow retention devices on the market.

What if my roof has a low pitch, are snow guards still necessary?

Snow Creeping On Sloped Metal Roof

Snow guards are necessary on any sloped metal roof located in regions that can receive winter precipitation.

Lower-pitched roofs can be more of a problem because the snow and ice can curl over the edge, creating a massive hazard that can drop off the roof at any moment. Things as small as a door opening and closing can trigger this dangerous release. The victim is usually unaware of this danger, which can result in serious injury or death.

Who buys snow guards?

For the residential market, most of our snow guards are sold to homeowners, especially when the homeowner is having a problem with snow slides. On the other hand, there are not a lot of snow guards sold to gutter companies. That tells us several things. First, installers aren't particularly aware of snow guards and why they are needed. And second, homeowners who buy the products have a right to ask, 'Why didn't my gutter installer tell me about this problem?"