Things To Ask When Selecting a Metal Roof

What information do you need to know before installing a metal roof?

It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing an entire pole barn, a metal roof replacement, or just building products in general. As a DIY enthusiast or a roofer, you need to have a better understanding of what you are selecting and why. Previously, price was the main determining factor. However, as new technologies and innovations have changed the construction industry, property owners have more options when it comes to the functionality and type of building products. For example, metal or steel buildings are more popular now than ever because they can be assembled within weeks rather than months.

Imagine owning your own property in a very remote area, and you want to build up on the land so that you have a warehouse or place to store things like motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, work vehicles, or something else. You’re convinced that the best way to go about this to save time and money is with a pole building with a steel roof. That’s absolutely fine and a great idea, but here come some of the additional challenges you may not have expected.

Asking the right questions about the metal roof.

You put solar panels on the top of the steel roof to save on electric costs and screw-mounted snow guards to keep the solar panels from getting damaged, but you now have to take into consideration other challenges like what happens during the summer or winter months when the roofing screws are subjected to severe heat or cold. This is the point when you discover that you should have put more time and energy into your research, including asking the right questions about roof materials and products like:

Is the brand of screws used durable?

There’s no point in using something that will not be useful in a year or two. You need the screws you are using to be durable for at least 30 years. This is especially true if you plan on using it on products like solar panels, vents, gutters, snow guards, or something else.

What happens when it snows on metal roofing?

Metal roofs usually have a glossy painted coating that is slippery, so they can shed dirt easily. This is problematic when it snows because when the sun comes out, the snow and ice can suddenly avalanche off the roof, endangering people and leading to extensive property damage. Now that you have considered snow guards, should you consider plastic snow guards or metal snow stops?

How much material will you need?

This is another good question because you do not want to order something online and only order half of what you really need. Eliminate that mistake by having a clear understanding of the quantity you will need.

What about the weather conditions?

Again, winter weather will wreak havoc on your roof, and you have to be certain that it can withstand the conditions. If you are in an area that does not see extreme cold but does see high winds from hurricanes, you need to look for how the products withstand those kinds of conditions.

Is metal the best material for a roof?

Builders and property owners love metal because, in the long run, it allows them to save time and money and have a protected structure within weeks. It also has the highest sustainability of any type of roof. While that’s something everyone can appreciate, it does raise the question of whether the added cost of purchasing metal is the right idea. Nowadays, a metal roof can cost the same as high-end asphalt shingles.

What if I have something added to my roof?

Solar panels, a satellite dish, snow retention, or something else on the roof can create challenges when you consider the height of the structure. For example, if your building is over 20 feet tall, you want to make sure that you’re selecting products that will take care of everything on the roof so that you have fewer reasons to go up there and check on them. This is why you need tested roofing products like snow guards and metal roof satellite mounts, from a reliable company. Being cheap is not always a good thing.

What about the metal used on older roofs?

This is another challenge, as sometimes we utilize materials that are made for newer roofs, but in reality, we need to go a bit old-school. This can apply to things like adhesives, clamps, screws, and other products. Older tin roofs may not be built the same as the newer metal roofs. Make sure to check with the manufacturer of the roof before adding any additional roofing accessories.

What options are available for repairs down the road?

Whenever you are collecting information or asking questions, make sure you keep notes on them because chances are, within 5–10 years, you will need to buy something else for your property, and you’ll want to make sure that you know exactly what you bought and when it was purchased.

DIY or need a professional?

While we highly recommend that the ordering and installation of these products be handled by professionals,. It’s understandable that some people may take up the DIY spirit. If that’s the case, be sure to research installation instructions for everything you buy to ensure that it’s applied correctly so that you do not have to seek additional help to address it. Also, always use the proper fall protection equipment when working at heights over 6 feet.

Will it work on my roof?

Again, there are new options available all the time, and if you are considering upgrading to metal snow stops or plastic snow guards, you may need to buy products that work primarily with your particular roof application. An example of this is the panel type. Roofs with exposed fasteners typically have snow guards screwed down through the roof attached to a purlin, while standing seam roofs with concealed fasteners should never have roof penetrations. Most standing seam roof owners use snow guards that are adhesive-mounted or clamped-on. The other option is seam-mounted snow rails that have clamps with set screws that attach to the high seam.

Avoid DIY Mistakes

DIY mistakes are the most commonly found complaints online, as people who lack experience are not sure what questions to ask. Starting with these questions, as well as understanding where to get the right information, can be a big help in ensuring that you will not have to deal with any issues with your structure down the road. Be Safe We always recommend that our customers take some time to review the installation and durability information that we provide for every product.
As you browse our website, you will also find that there are more than enough ways to get the information you need, and you can, of course, always contact us. We are here to give you a clear understanding of the advantages of snow guards for metal roofs as well as the adhesive you need for a firm grip that will last for years and help to protect your property. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us today for immediate assistance.